Rewarded Ads
  • 10 Feb 2023
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Rewarded Ads

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What is a Rewarded Ad?

A rewarded ad is a type of video ad where users watch ads in exchange for rewards.

What are the different kinds of rewards included in rewarded ads?

The rewards included in rewarded ads vary. Usually, they are specific to a particular app or game. But broadly speaking, we’ve summarized some examples of rewarded ads for gaming app users for you below.

A user watches an ad and in exchange can get:

  1. A certain amount of in-game currency
  2. An extra life
  3. The ability to skip a level
  4. Bonus moves
  5. Additional items in a game such as hints/clues, weapons, etc.

How can a user know when they’re being targeted with a rewarded ad?

Usually, there is a special highlighted button or icon on an in-game screen that prompts users to watch an ad to get a reward. Unlike other types of mobile ads that are shown to users without their consent, rewarded ads are only shown when a user voluntarily decides to push a button and watch them. This naturally means that rewarded ads are less intrusive, and do not interrupt a gaming process.

However, it is also important to note that when a rewarded ad is being shown to a user, it is not possible to skip it like other ad types. This feature in itself makes this ad format a massive hit for mobile games. There is data that suggests that players that usually don’t spend money inside mobile apps, use rewarded ads to progress in games. For many games, it is a major source of monetization.

What are Playable Rewarded Ads?

A Playable rewarded ad is a type of rewarded ad that allows players to quickly try a game without installing it. This form of advertising is effective for user-acquisition.

What is the difference between Interstitial ads and Rewarded ads?

As mentioned above, rewarded ads are shown when a player decides to watch an ad in exchange for a bonus. On the other hand, interstitial ads can be shown at any given point in a user’s journey within an app, and players are not rewarded for watching them. Interstitial ads can ruin a player's experience if they appear during the gaming process, for example, between levels or in the main menu. There is, however, an option for users to skip Interstitial ads sometimes, and in such cases, developers do not get paid.

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