• 12 Jul 2022
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Best practices to receive better technical support

Login issue

  • If you are unable to login, please make sure you are not using an ad blocker on the browser. Then contact us with the following info:

    • Browser type(Chrome, Safari, etc)
    • Do you use VPN or not
    • Were you able to login before? When did the issue start happening?

Data discrepancy issue

If there's a data discrepancy issue between Tenjin and other platforms, please verify these initially before reaching out to Tenjin Support:

  • Are you looking at data on both platforms for the same date range?
  • Do both platofrms have the same timezone for their data? Tenjin uses UTC timezone.

Then contact us with the following info:

  • What metrics are you comparing?
  • What platform(s) are you comparing with Tenjin?
  • What granularity are you looking at? Are you looking at app, channel or campaign level data?
  • What time period are you looking at?
  • Any screenshots that might be helpful to troubleshoot the issue.

How does intercom work

Tenjin uses Intercom as a real-time chat tool embedded on the dashboard that will enable us to respond to your questions faster. To send us a chat message, click the circle at the right bottom and you can send us your questions. Our team will reply as soon as possible.


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