Google Ads
  • 28 Oct 2022
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Google Ads

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Tenjin's integration with Google allows app developers to run campaigns on Google without tracking links and Tenjin will figure out the install attribution. Follow the steps below to setup your Google account in Tenjin. Make sure you have the latest Tenjin SDK integrated.

  1. Please make sure you have added "Google Ads" accounts under CONFIGURE -> Channels

  2. Generate Link ID on your Google Ads dashboard

    1. Click the TOOLS & SETTINGS icon in the upper right corner of your Google Ads account.
    2. Under SETUP section, click Linked accounts.
    3. Under Third-party app analytics, click DETAILS.
    4. Click the plus(+) button to link a new provider or app.


    1. Select Tenjin from the dropdown list. If you don't see Tenjin, select Other provider, then enter: 8670853329.
    2. Select your mobile app’s platform.
    3. Use the Look up your app field to find your app.
    4. Click Create link ID. In case you see an error in this step, please ask your Google Ads account manager.
    5. Click the copy button to copy your Link ID. You will need to add this in Tenjin’s dashboard as explained below.
    6. Click Done. The status will show “Unverified” until you’ve added your link ID to your third-party account and conversion data begins to flow into Google Ads.

  3. Add your Link ID on Tenjin’s Dashboard:

    1. Go to the Apps tab and select your app.

    2. Click + New Callback.

    3. Select Google Ads install callback.

    4. Enter your Link ID.

    5. Your Google Callback should now be active. (Note: Google Ads callback usually takes ~2 hours to be activated - you may see some discrepancy until then.)

    6. You also need to create the Google Ads Post install callback by clicking on + NEW CALLBACK and using the same Link ID above.


  4. IMPORTANT! - We also need to import conversion events from your third-party app analytics providers:

    1. Click the TOOLS & SETTINGS icon on Google Ads dashboard.
    2. Under MEASUREMENT section, click Conversions.
    3. To add a new conversion action, click the plus (+) button.
    4. Select the App from the conversion options.


    1. Select the Third-party app analytics option.


    1. Select the analytics event from Tenjin. (Note: If you can't see the event, please check your Google Ads settings page after a few hours. The event usually takes a couple of hours to import after the LinkID is created.)


    3. When you're creating a campaign, make sure to select the conversion event you just created under the Bidding section.


    4. If you want to use Firebase conversion event for bidding optimization, please select Firebase conversio event as Primary action, and Tenjin conversion event you just set up as Secondary action, in the screeshot below.


For Android, Tenjin sends out the parameter called gclid to Google Ads automatically for Android 12+ users who opt out the tracking of Google Advertising ID. gclid is a unique parameter passsed through Android referrer and Google Ads use it to track Android opt-out users.

How to setup in-app conversions on Google Adwords Dashboard? (Optional)

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  1. To set up conversion event on Adwords dashboard.

Go to Tools → Conversions, and click “+ CONVERSION”

Select “App” → “First opens and in-app actions” → choose iOS or Android → “in-app actions”


Enter name, and look up for your app, and adjust other settings. There are a couple of important parameters you might want to consider:

Conversion window
Default is 90 days. This decides how long back you want adwords to track in-app events. For example, the purchase event happened on 5/1 and adwords saw the click event for the user on 1/1, the purchase event won’t be counted. But adwords saw the click on 3/1, the purchase event will be counted.

Include in “Conversions”
If this is Yes, in-app events will be included in “conversion” in adwords dashboard. Since Adwords doesn’t separate out installs from in-app events in their reporting API, set up this parameter as “No” unless there is specific needs. Otherwise we will report both installs and in-app conversion events together in “Reported installs” column.

  1. Setup your callback in Tenjin
    On Tenjin dashboard, go to Apps → (Select your app) → “+ NEW CALLBACK”
    Select the 'Custom Event' or 'IAP' Google Ads Callback.

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