Impressions & Impression-level Revenue Data (ILRD)
  • 21 Jun 2023
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Impressions & Impression-level Revenue Data (ILRD)

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What are Impressions?

An impression is defined as a single instance of an ad being displayed to a user. An ad impression is counted every time an ad is shown. This can happen whenever an app is opened and an ad is displayed to the user.

What are Tracked Impressions vs Reported Impressions?

Tracked Impressions are the number of impressions tracked by Tenjin, where as Reported Impressions are the total number of impressions reported by the ad network. You can find both metrics in the Tenjin dashboard.

What is Impression-level Revenue Data (ILRD)?

Impression level revenue data (ILRD) refers to the revenue data mapped at the individual impression level for an ad campaign.

How is Impression-level Revenue Data (ILRD) data useful?

ILRD is calculated at an individual ad impression-level by mapping the revenue generated by an ad with the time and date the ad was displayed, and the device the ad was displayed on. This data can help mobile advertisers understand which ad impressions are generating the most revenue. This information enables them to optimize their campaigns at a granular level.

What are Impression-level ad revenue callbacks, and how are they useful?

Learn how you can use impression-level ad revenue callbacks with Tenjin to boost your ROAS campaigns here.

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