Manage User
  • 12 Jul 2022
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Manage User

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How to Manage Users in the Tenjin Dashboard

Under the main menu, click My Account -> Manage User.


You can change the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Password

Disabling email notifications

Email notifications for certain alerts are enabled by default. You can turn on/off these email notification at any point.

  • Enable email notifications?

    If this is unchecked, you won’t receive any notifications, even if other ones are enabled.

  • Receive email notifications when API credentials are failing?

    This happens when you change the password on your ad-network dashboard login but it hasn't been updated in Tenjin.

  • Receive email notifications when API Credentials are about to expire?

    Self attributing networks have an expiration period for API credentials. We will send you alerts if your credentials are about to expire.

  • Receive email notifications when CSV import fails?

    Receive email notifications when ad-networks send us the CSV for spend or ad-revenue data but the data import fails. This usually happens when the CSV file uploaded is not in the correct format.

  • Receive email notifications when ad accounts are suspended?

    Receive email notifications when your ad-network account is suspended in Tenjin. This usually happens when the credentials for that ad account has been failing for over 1 month.


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