• 22 Jul 2022
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1. How does AppLovin charge advertisers after iOS 14.5?

Advertisers can choose either of these two options;

  1. SKAdnetwork only
  2. Use a combination of Tenjin attribution and SKAdnetwork

If the first option is selected, the campaign targets only users with iOS version >= 14.0 and AppLovin SDK >= 6.15.0. The billing is exclusive on SKAdnetwork installs.
If the second option is selected, the campaign targets SKAdnetwork qualified users as described in option 1, and other users with iOS version < 14.0 or AppLovin SDK < 6.15.0. For the latter, advertisers will be charged based on the installs Tenjin send to AppLovin.

2. What will be included in reported_installs for AppLovin after iOS 14.5?

It will be SKAdnetwork installs, so please expect some level of discrepancy between reported_installs and tracked_installs for AppLovin.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager at AppLovin.

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