Supported Ad Networks
  • 11 Dec 2023
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Supported Ad Networks

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Article Summary

Supported Ad Networks

Here is the current list of the major networks that support SKAdnetwork with Tenjin.

(Note: This is not a comprehensive list. To learn about a specific ad network, please email us at

NetworkPostback or reporting API*Definition of reported_installs
AdColonyPostbackMMP installs
AppLovinPostbackSKAdnetwork installs
FacebookReporting APISKAdnetwork installs
Google AdsReporting API** (see below)
KayzenPostbackMMP installs
ironSourcePostbackSKAdnetwork installs
Liftoff AcceleratePostbackMMP installs
MintegralPostbackMMP installs
Persona.lyPostbackMMP installs
SnapPostback*** (see below)
TikTokPostbackSKAdnetwork installs
Unity AdsPostbackMMP installs
Liftoff Direct (Vungle)PostbackMMP installs

*: Does the network pass us SKAdnetwork conversions via postback or reporting API?

**: Conversions from dual opt-in users and Google's modeling conversions

***: Conversions from dual opt-in users and Snap's proprietary attribution method, Advanced Conversions

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