Become a master of user acquisition and growth on mobile.

What is Tenjin?

Tenjin is a mobile marketing technology stack and platform. Our user acquisition technology provides mobile marketers with ad cost attribution, ad revenue attribution, user source attribution, marketing analytics, deeplinks and deferred deeplinks, real time data routing, and data warehousing as a service.

Why should I use Tenjin?

  1. Scale user acquisition easily - integrate a single SDK to acquire users on any mobile ad network or channel. Flip a switch to acquire users, then analyze and optimize your ROI from those channels instantly.

  2. Route your data anywhere - Tenjin allows you to send real time user data to other 3rd party services with a flip of the switch. You will never need another SDK for integration.

  3. All your marketing data in one place - with a few clicks get a data warehouse as a service that seamlessly joins all your marketing data. Get the same data warehouses that the professionals take years to build internally.

  4. Advanced functionality when you’re ready - when you’re ready to start going beyond running a few campaigns, access your data programmatically to automate optimization of your user acquisition using your own rules.

  5. Our support - we aim to make everybody a master of user acquisition. Contact us directly and we’ll show you the tricks to using marketing data.

How do I get started?

To integrate Tenjin follow the basic steps:

  1. Add Apps
  2. Send Events
  3. Integrate Ad Networks
  4. Set up callbacks for Ad Networks
  5. Set up callbacks for Partners
  6. Set up DataVault

After completing these steps you should be well on your way to analyzing your digital marketing like the pros.

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