Tenjin provides tools and training to help app developers leverage their data.

What is Tenjin?

Tenjin is a mobile measurement platform that gives you everything you need to test user acquisition for your game and then scale it. Our starter package includes free install attribution, basic ad revenue attribution, free cost aggregation, and starter educational materials.

Why should I use Tenjin?

  1. ROI dashboard Our free ROI dashboard gathers cost data, attribution metrics, and ad revenue data all in one place so you can make data-driven decisions and save time when you asses your user acquisition.

  2. Training We help our clients master user acqusition and monetization. When you start scaling up, our team will share templates with you that will help automate your workflow.

  3. Install attribution Tenjin offers highly scalable, affordable attribution. We do not charge for paid installs tracked with Tenjin and our pricing reflects the size of your app's user base.

  4. Ad revenue attribution. We work with all of the major ad revenue based app developers and we understand the importance of calculating ROI and LTV for ad revenue. This is why we provide a basic version of ad revenue attribution that supports cohorts for free. If you require a more comprehensive analysis of ad revenue LTV, we can provide you with other methods including the one based on impression-level ad revenue.

  5. APIs Tenjin offers a number of APIs. to integrate with your existing BI system so your team can use familiar tools. You can leverage our database separately, or together with your system.

  6. Internal BI on demand DataVault allows you to build your own BI system that supports custom reporting that is tailored to your business. Tenjin data can be exported into data visualization tools like Looker, Periscope, and others.

  7. Data Science The advanced data analysis embedded within our product unlocks predictive analysis, fraud detection, bid management, and automation to help scale your business and stay ahead of the competition.

How do I get started?

To integrate Tenjin follow the basic steps:

  1. Add Apps
  2. Send Events
  3. Integrate Ad Networks
  4. Set up callbacks for Ad Networks
  5. Set up callbacks for Partners
  6. Set up DataVault

After completing these steps you will be well on your way to analyzing your digital marketing like the pros.

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