Tenjin has an alerting system, letting the marketer know when certain conditions are met for specific campaigns.

As an example, if you want to get notified when your cost-per-install goes above a certain threshold, you can use alerts to send you an email when this happens.

Configuring an alert

  1. To set an alert, click Configure Alerts on the dashboard.


  2. Then click + Configure New Alert.


  3. Enter the following information:

    • Name - name that shows up in the alert email.
    • Evaluation period - period which metrics will be evaluated. For example if you select “Previous 3 Days”, Tenjin will evaluate the metrics you will choose for the alert from the previous 3 days.
    • Group by App, Marketing channel, or campaign - dimension to group your metrics on.
    • Apps - app filter for your alert. Blank to include everything.
    • Marketing Channels - ad network filter. Blank to include everything.


  4. Finally, set the condition to trigger the alert. You can choose the metrics listed in the drop down list, and set the threshold. In the example below, we will send the alert if CPI is greater than $3. You can add multiple conditions. Then click Create Alert.

  5. This is a sample alert email you will get. The email is usually sent out around midnight UTC time.


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