Data Exporter

Data Exporter is a dashboard tool that allows marketers to extract Tenjin data at an aggregate level. People who love analyzing data in Excel tend to love Data Exporter.

How do I use Data Exporter?

Go to the Data Exporter tab. There are 3 tabs, User Acquisition, Ad Monetization and SK Ad Network. You can save the reports once you have the specific setting for exporter.

On either User Acquisition tab or Ad monetization tab, you can export aggregate user acquisition or ad monetization analytics dashboard data by using the following interface:

  1. Indicate the dates that you want to download data for.

  2. Select the granularity of your data.

  3. Select the groupings you want to have your metrics in.

    For example, if grouped by country, you will see all your metrics at a set granularity.

  4. Select your filters for Apps and Channels that you want to look at data / metrics from.

  5. Select the metrics that you want to pull for this granularity and date range. The metrics available are from anywhere in the User Acquisition tab.

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