Setting up channels

Ad network integrations allow developers to acquire users through advertising and track the amount spent on those ad network campaigns.

Additionally if your app monetizes by showing ads to users, Tenjin automatically aggregates the revenue generated.

Our integrations automatically pull cost data (when advertising) and ad revenue data (when monetizing).

Why is tracking ad spend important?

When you advertise your app it's important to know how much you spend on marketing.

Tenjin pulls your advertising spend into a single place. Regardless if you're advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc Tenjin gets it all for you.

Tenjin normalizes the metrics that you find in each ad network dashboard so that all your paid advertising is easy to compare apples to apples.

Why is tracking ad revenue important?

Ad revenue is important because that's money in the bank for you. If you want to understand how much money you make from the various ads you show to your users, this is very important.

Tenjin pulls your advertising revenue into a single place. This takes the hassle of visiting various dashboards to understand how much money your app generates from advertising.

How is ad spend and ad revenue data used in Tenjin?

After pulling ad spend and ad revenue data from the ad networks, Tenjin analyzes this information in a number of ways to get the most insight from the data.

We provide several analyses that you can read about here.

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