Ad Revenue Channels

When app developers show ads in their apps, they make money. Tenjin's ad revenue technology allows app developers to know how much money they make from showing ads to their users.

Pulling ad revenue data from networks with API keys

  1. To pull ad revenue data from an ad network, go to the CONFIGURE -> Channels tab and click Add a Channel.


  2. Select the ad network that you want to pull ad revenue data from. You will need to add the specific network's API keys and credentials as you can see in the Tapjoy example below:


  3. Tenjin supports pulling ad revenue data from these mediation partners.

    • Fyber*
    • AdMob*
    • MoPub*
    • IronSource*
    • Appodeal*
    • MAX*
    • Admost*
    • AdFully
    • AdStir
    • AdGeneration
    • AdinCube

*: We pull ad-revenue data for inventories specific for these mediation partners. So if you use other networks under these mediation partners, you would need to add those networks' channels separately.

What now?

After pulling ad revenue data from the ad networks, Tenjin analyzes this information in a number of ways to get the most insight from the data.

We provide several analyses that you can read about here.

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