Ad Spend Channels

When you advertise to acquire users, it's important to keep track of how much you are spending to acquire those users. Tenjin automatically aggregates how much you are spending across all your networks.

Pull spend data from networks with API keys

  1. To pull spend data from an ad network, go to the Channels tab and click "ADD A CHANNEL".

  2. Select the ad network that you want to add. You will need to add the specific network's credentials as you can see in the Tapjoy example below:

Pull spend data from networks with OAuth

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Snap require OAuth credentials to authorize access to ad spend data for campaigns.

  1. Go to the Channels tab and click "ADD A CHANNEL".

  2. When you select a network that requires OAuth authentication Tenjin will automatically ask you to authenticate with the platform directly. In the below example it's Facebook.

    Enter your login credentials to authenticate.

  3. Once you enter your user credentials, click "ADD AD ACCOUNT".

  4. You can select the ad account ID that is tied to your account.

  5. Now you can see the list of ad accounts you added. You can add as many ad accounts as you want.

What now?

Once the accounts are added, we will pull the historical stats back to 45 days automatically. Then we will periodically(usually every 3 hours) update the stats. Tenjin analyzes this information in a number of ways to get the most insight from the data.

We provide several analyses that you can read about here.

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