Sending events to Tenjin

Once you finish adding your apps to the dashboard, you can start sending events to Tenjin. Tenjin collects your app events to analyze user properties and behaviour for analytic insights such as LTV, source attribution, and ROI analysis grouped on different dimensions.

Events contain device properties that enable developers to analyze how to best acquire users and where to best spend their marketing efforts. The collected data and properties are available through the dashboard or DataVault.

Before sending Tenjin events make sure:

  1. You've added your apps to the dashboard
  2. Get your SDK API key from the dashboard

You'll need these for integration.

Integration instructions

Device properties collected from the Tenjin SDK

Our SDK collects event properties to analyze campaigns on multiple dimensions that are important to marketers.

Here are the properties that our events currently collect off of the device:

  • Advertising ID (if available)
  • Vendor ID (only for iOS)
  • IP address
  • Apple Search attribution (only for iOS)
  • Bundle ID
  • SDK Version
  • App Version
  • OS Version
  • Device Type
  • Device Model
  • Device Locale
  • Device Country
  • OS Platform
  • Limit Ad Tracking

Check your app integration on the dashboard

As a final step, check if the Tenjin SDK is properly integrated for each app in real time. If you select the app you're integrating from the Apps tab, you can see all of the relevant events to make sure the Tenjin's SDK is properly set up as you set the integration.

You can see the app version, sessions, Google/Apple hooks, IAP with receipts, and any custom events that are properly firing.

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