Send events from 3rd attribution providers

You can send events from 3rd party attribution providers. The instruction can be also found in your App setting page, if you select to use 3rd party attribution when you add the app.


  1. On the Adjust dashboard, Select your app -> Partner Setup, and select Tenjin as a partner.

  2. Enter your Tenjin API KEY in below. You Tenjin API KEY can be found in here. You can also enable revenue or session forwarding if you want. Also, by default Tenjin applies the store cut to revenue we receive from Adjust. If you already send post-cut revenue to Adjust, enable the toggle "Disable Tenjin Store Revenue Cut".

  3. Map your custom events in here. You will see all custom events you set up in Adjust, so enter the event name you want to display on Tenjin dashboard.

  4. Adjust doesn't allow you to send user-level facebook data. That said, your facebook campaigns will be aggregated into one specific facebook campaign on Tenjin dashboard.


  1. Go to AppsFlyer’s dashboard, and select Apps -> Integration -> API access -> Push API. Push API is available only for AppsFlyer premium plan, so please contact AppsFlyer if you don't see it.

  2. Check both "Non-Organic" and "Organic" for both Install and In-App Events, enter Postback URL. Choose "POST" as HTTP method, and click “Save” button.

    You can find your postback url in App setting page on Tenjin.

  3. AppsFlyer doesn't automatically send callbacks for session events. Tenjin requires these events to calculate retention metrics. If you already configured a custom event in the AppsFlyer SDK for session event, you can set it in Apps -> (Select Your App) -> Edit on Tenjin dashboard. Fill in the field "Custom App Open Event Name" with the exact string of the custom event that's getting passed by AppsFlyer.


  1. Go to TUNE’s dashboard

  2. Go to Partners-> Click “Add Internal Partner”

  3. Enter name as “tenjin “, and select “Technology Partner”. (This is one time setup)

  4. Then go to Partners -> tenjin -> Postbacks -> Click “Add Postback URL”

  5. Enter a name for your Postback, such as "Word search iOS, Install". Then enter the Tenjin-generated callback url in “Enter Postback URL”

    You can find your postback url in App setting page on Tenjin.

  6. Select your Mobile App

  7. Select Event Name (Install, Open or any custom event)

  8. Check “Send all events to this partner”

  9. Click "Save"


  1. Go to Kochava’s dashboard, and go to App Tools -> Partner Configuration -> Add a Configuration.

  2. Select Custom Postback, and select the event created for this postback.

  3. Enter the callback url in DESTINATION URL, and click “Save”.

    You can find your callback url in App setting page on Tenjin.

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