SDK Live Debugging Event Tool

When sending events to Tenjin, it's useful to use Tenjin's SDK Live Event Tool to debug if events are firing as expected. Any events sent through a test device (to the Live Debugging tool) will not get recorded in the dashboard reporting.

The SDK Live Event tool can be found in the dashboard here:

How to use debugging tool

To start using the tool to debug and track events in real time from your app:

  1. Click Test Devices to add your test device.


  2. Click on + New Test Device to add a device for Tenjin to detect when you send events to the Tenjin system.

  3. Select your app and enter your test device advertising ID. We use IDFA for iOS and GAID (Google Advertising ID) for Android, please search online to find the advertising ID for your testing device.

  4. Navigate back to the SDK Live tool and open your app with the Tenjin SDK installed on the test device that you submitted your advertising ID for. If your events are firing correctly you should see something similar to the event below. If you register the test device just now, please wait 15-20 mins before you fire the event.

Check your app integration on the dashboard

The Tenjin dashboard allows you to see if the Tenjin SDK is properly integrated for each app in real time. If you select the app you're integrating from the Apps tab, you can see all of the relevant events to make sure the Tenjin SDK is properly set up as you set the integration.

You can see the app version, sessions, Google/Apple hooks, IAP with receipts, and any custom events that are properly firing.

SDK Integration checklist

It is very important to follow the checklist by using the debugging tool before submitting the app.

  1. App open event

    Make sure you see the open event when you expect. App open happens automatically when the SDK get initialized, depending on app activity lifecycle you chose.

  2. IAP purchase

    There are 6 purchase_states in Tenjin. IAP made from a sandbox account will have a purchase_state = 4. Only purchase_state 3 will be seen in the dashboard, so it is very important to test using the SDK Live Tool (only place where you will see the sandbox IAP). IAP purchase value will be taken into account in decimal, ex: 1.99.

    3 = VERIFIED

  3. Subscription revenue(if it exists)

  4. Custom Events

    Make sure you see all the custom events you implemented with correct value and event name.

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