Campaign Management

Campaign management includes creating, searching, and downloading data. Please read the following to understand how to manage campaigns in Tenjin.

You can search your campaigns with either app, platform, or channel as shown below. You can use any string match for your campaign name in the "Refine by" field. In the example below, you will search any campaigns for Word Search that has "US" in campaign name.


Campaign Batch Upload

Batch uploading campaigns from a CSV will save you time if you have a lot of campaigns to create. Just click "Batch Upload", select your channel, and upload CSV.


The csv should contain the following headers.

  • campaign_name: Name of the campaign.
  • campaign_id: ID of the campaign (optional).
  • bundle_id: Bundle ID of the app being promoted.
  • store_id: App Store ID of the app being promoted.
  • platform: Platform of the app being promoted (ios, android).

After your batch upload succeeds, you will receive the email notification.

Campaign CSV Download

You can also download the list of campaigns by clicking "Download Results as CSV". The CSV contains all campaigns that you selected in the search filter.


Campaign Tags

You can add Targeting Tags for each campaign, so you can analyze campaign performance grouped by those tags. Go to each campaign page, and enter the tag with the following format.

Tag name: Tag value


There are pre-configured tags such as Gender & Age. You can add as many tags as you want.

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