Overview of Android market in China

China’s Android ecosystem is untapped with many opportunities for app developers to expand their presence globally. Tenjin supports any Android analytics measurement outside of Google Play. If you're marketing outside of China and your app is also not on Goolge play, the following instructions apply as well. Here are a few important characteristics about how we support Android out-of-store market in China.

  • Since Google Play service is not available in China, we developed the specific Android SDK(the version above 1.12.5) to get the specific device identifies, such as OAID and IMEI for attribution.
  • We support any type of devices available if we can get the device identifiers above.
  • There are many fragmented out-of-stores in China Android market. We made the integration flexible to support any type of store by just putting the store URL or the URL that hosts the apk file on Tenjin dashboard.

Please follow the following steps to start tracking Android out-of-store campaigns using Tenjin.

1. SDK integration

Please implement the specific part for Android SDK.

2. Adding an Android other app

Go to CONFIGURE -> Apps page on Tenjin dashboard, and add Android Other app as below.


The destination URL will be app store URL or the URL that hosts the Android apk file. You can change the destination URL later when you click Edit from the app page.


3. Set up campaigns

From here, create campaigns and get the click and impression tracking URL as the regular campaigns from campaigns page.

That's it! If you have any questions, please send email to support@tenjin.com.

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