Influencer Campaigns

When influencers promote your application you likely want one link that will appropriately track to the proper platform application.

Set up your campaigns for each platform

  1. Create an influencer custom channel
  2. Create a campaign for each of your platform specific applications. This will give you a tracking link for each platform application.

Using SmartURL to redirect to the proper platform

Often times you want to give your influencer only one link that they can post. The link should redirect to the proper click tracking URL, depending on the platform where the user is clicking that link.

SmartURL is a service that you can use in conjunction with Tenjin to handle this use case.

Once you have your click tracking links for each platform, you can use SmartURL to direct the user to the proper Tenjin tracking link after the click.

You can see an example below where the user will be redirected to the correct Tenjin tracking link depending on the device that's clicked on:

For more you can read about this on our help forums:

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