Tracking Campaigns with Tenjin Attribution

You can use Tenjin's attribution technology for ad networks or custom channels using deeplinks or click/view tracking links.

Tracking links are Tenjin generated URLs that track when users click or view content for your mobile app. This comes in the form of a click URL and/or an impression URL when you create a campaign.

Create a Tenjin campaign with a pre-configured network

Tenjin has a lot of pre-configured networks to make generating tracking links easy. You simply create a campaign and grab the tracking link that the network requires from the Tenjin dashboard.

  1. To create a campaign, go to the CONFIGURE -> Campaigns tab in the dashboard and click Create Campaign.

  2. Enter the ad network you want to advertise on, the app you want to advertise, and the name of the campaign. Before this make sure you add your app and your ad network to the dashboard.

  3. Once the campaign is created, you will be able to access your tracking link(s) in the campaign.

For all the integrated networks, your macros are pre-populated using the appropriate network macros and syntax.

Custom channels and networks

Sometimes you'll want to work with a network that Tenjin hasn't pre-approved. In these cases you can set up your own Custom Channel and create your own tracking links with macros that get passed to Tenjin.

  1. Create a custom channel.

  2. Go to the CONFIGURE -> Campaigns tab in the dashboard and click Create Campaign.

  3. Find your custom channel that you created in step 1. Select that App that you want to create a tracking link for.

  4. After your campaign is created you will see a tracking link that you will be able to add your custom channel's macros to.

To read more about how macros work, go here. You'll want to add as many macros that your custom channel can support to ensure that attribution is done in the best way.

If you want to track your Facebook campaigns using deeplinks, you can follow the steps here for more details.

What now?

After your click and view tracking is in place for your channels and campaigns, make sure you send installs to them by setting up install callbacks.

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