1. What do I need to do for FB SKAdnetwork setup?

Please refer to this docs.

2. There is no tracked_installs for Facebook iOS 14 campaigns. Why?

Facebook solely uses SKAdnetwork framework for iOS 14 campaigns. Currently Facebook doesn't share SKAdnetwork postbacks to any of the third parties, or provide reporting API with conversion value dimension so we wouldn't be able to show tracked_installs. This may change in the future if Facebook updates their integration.

3. Why do we need to send custom events for opt-in users?

This is because FB needs to receive the custom event for opt-in users for their AEO or VO campaign optimization. Once you map the conversion value (1-63) to custom event on Facebook Event Manager page, FB will be able to decode the conversion value to custom events internally.

4. What are the pros and cons of selecting App events API and sending conversion values through Tenjin instead of sending it directly from Facebook SDK?

We recommend App Events API because it can be done through our callback. If you select Facebook SDK, the Facebook SDK will automatically send the conversion value to Apple and it will be in conflict with the CV implementation in Tenjin SDK. And this will prevent you form being able to calculate LTV and ROI in Attribution Modeling phase 2.

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