1. Do SKAdnetwork campaigns need to be created as a separate campaign?

Mintegral will handle all the setup. SKAdnetwork set up is not open to all advertisers yet, so you can reach out to your account manager if you want to run the campaigns on SKAdNetwork.

2. Can Mintegral still use the click tracking for SKAdnetwork campaign?

Yes, Mintegral will prioritize the callbacks from the attribution partner over SKAdnetwork in that case.

3. Does Mintegral include their campaign ID in the SKAdnetwork postback to Tenjin?

Yes, Mintegral campaign ID and Apple’s campaign ID (1-100) are included in the SKAdnetwork postback to Tenjin. Tenjin doesn’t currently accept Mintegral campaign ID, but eventually we will.

4. Will SKAdnetwork campaign be included in the Mintegral reporting API for Tenjin?

Yes,SKAdnetwork campaign is included in the Mintegral reporting API.

5. Does Mintegral charge developers based on conversions or impressions/clicks of SKAdnetwork campaign?

Mintegral provides multiple bidding types, such as CPI, CPC, CPM, and CPE, depending on the agreement between the advertiser and Mintegral account manager. If the SKAdnetwork campaign bidding type is set up as CPI, Mintegral counts the number of install callback, not Apple's SKAdnetwork postbacks.

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