Test Campaign tracking

After your app and Tenjin SDK is set up properly, you should test that campaigns are working for tracking. To do a conversion test for a new app that uses Tenjin, here are the steps:

  1. Make sure to use a fresh device that hasn't downloaded the app before. If you already downloaded the app with your device, please uninstall the app, and reset your advertising_id with this step.

  2. Go to the campaign you want to test in the Tenjin dashboard, and copy your click tracking link. If you don’t have access to the Tenjin dashboard, ask your client to give you the tracking link.

  3. Replace macro for advertising_id with your actual advertising_id (IDFA or Google advertising id). If you want to know your advertising_id, here are some useful apps/websites that you can use to find it.

  4. Make sure your app has an install callback configured on Tenjin dashboard from here.

  5. Copy the tracking link and paste into the browser in your phone, and open the url. Don’t open the link directly from email client -- we fingerprint where clicks come from and this could invalidate the install. Download and open the app.

For iOS, if you’re testing when Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) is enabled, the fingerprinting information is already stored in our end so won’t be re-attributed as a new install again. Please use a clean device and a different IP address or different wifi.

If you still have other questions, please email to support@tenjin.io.

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