Unlinked campaigns

If ad network campaigns aren't linked to Tenjin apps properly, your Tenjin dashboard will be missing data and stats about your campaigns and apps.

This notification appears on the Apps tab when ad networks don't provide enough information about how an ad network campaign is linked to a Tenjin app.

For example, some networks DO NOT provide store_id, platform, or bundle_id in their campaign stats. This means Tenjin can't tie campaign stats to an app without linking it to the proper app directly in its reporting dashboard.

You can either manually associate unlinked campaigns with one of your existing apps or hide them.

Once your campaigns (and ad revenue placements) are tied to Tenjin apps, you won't need to tie them ever again. Additionally, your stats on your campaigns and ad revenue placements will populate properly in the dashboard and the reports for all your apps.

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