Adding Apps to Tenjin

Go to your Tenjin dashboard and add your apps.

Before you can send events from your apps to Tenjin, you need to add your mobile app to the Tenjin dashboard.

My app is already live

  1. If you have a live app, go to the Apps tab in the Tenjin dashboard and click "Add A New App".


  2. Next, get your app's store url and place it in the "App Store URL" field and click "Add App".


  3. Select your attribution partner from the drop down list. By default this is set to Tenjin. You can change this later. If you use Tenjin SDK but still attribution comes from any 3rd party attribution tool, please enable the checkbox below.


  4. Tenjin will automatically download the bundle_id, store_id, platform, and the name of your app from the app store.

My app isn't live yet

  1. If your app isn't live in the app store click the "Add A New App" button.


  2. Next click on the blue text if your app isn't live in the store yet.


  3. Add the "Name", "Platform", and "Bundle ID" of your app.


After your app goes live, Tenjin will automatically find your app in the store and refresh all the information. This may take time up to 24 hours. Also, you can try to update app info by clicking "Update App Store Info" button.

Edit App

After you add your app, you can edit your app information.

  1. Go to the Apps tab and select your app. Click Edit.


  2. You can change following your app's information.

    • Name
    • Protocol
    • Attribution provider
    • Shared Secret (used for iOS SDK integration)
    • Public key (used for Android SDK integration)

Protocol is required to enable Facebook's deeplink use. Please use "fb" + "Facebook App ID" if you don't have specific procotol from your app.

For example, if your facebook app id is "1423740114570310", your Protocol will be "fb1423740114570310"


Start sending events from your app

Hiding or Deleting Apps

If you have old apps that you no longer need in your dashboard, you can send an email to requesting to hide your apps.

We do not allow customers to delete apps on their own because we've seen misuse and errors when customers try to delete something and add them back.

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