Auth Key for API Access

The same API key can be used for all the Tenjin APIs. A unique API key should be generated for every user and it will have the same level of access as your Tenjin role. Example: Read-only users can only make GET requests to the APIs. For 3rd party access, you should create a new access key within your account. This is done to ensure that one user does not lose access when revoking the key for other 3rd party users.

Create a new access token

In the navigation bar, go to the API Access Tokens link.


You can generate a token on this page. Please use descriptive names when generating a new token. Tokens can be renamed later and this will not affect their usability.


Once an access token has been generated, you can copy the token from our UI at any time. If you wish to no longer have an access token, you can revoke access from the UI.


Organization Managers can manage their user's access tokens from the Manage Organization tab, explained here.

Verifying Access Tokens

You can use the Verify Access Token page to verify the authenticity of the access token and which access token it belongs to in Tenjin. Note that the green alert box ‘here’ link tag directs you to the access token that was verified.


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