DataVault credentials

We have a way to create multiple credentials and assign them to users and applications in your organization. To manage the credentials, go to DataVault Credentials page on the right side of the dashboard.

Connection Settings

Under "Connection Settings", you can see the connection info for DataVault that you have access to.


Manage Credentials

Under "Manage Credentials" section, you can see the list of credentials created so far.


  • Note: The “Legacy User” organization-wide credential is DEPRECATED. It will be DELETED on January 1, 2019 and will not be able to connect to DataVault. Please create new credentials for each person and application requiring DataVault access.


If you are a DataVault admin, you can

  • see any credentials created in the organization
  • reset password AND delete any credential


If you are not a DataVault Admin, you can

  • see the old organization-wide credential as the “Legacy User”
  • see any credentials that are assigned to you
  • reset password that are assigned to you

New Credentials

Under "New Credentials" section, you can create the new credential and Assign “Read” or “Read+Write” access to credentials IF you are a DataVault admin.

  • “Read” access means the user can only run SELECT queries
  • “Read+Write” access means the user can create and write to tables in the “public” schema, as well as create temporary tables


  • Note: If you use looker for your BI tool, please ask for the setup.

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