Managing Users

  1. Under the main menu click "Manage User".


  2. Change the following if you want.

    • Name
    • Email address
    • Password
  3. You can also turn on/off each email notification. These are set by default.

    • Enable email notifications?

      If this is checked off, you won’t get any notification even if other ones are checked.

    • Receive email notifications when API credentials are failing?

      This happens when you change the password for ad-network login but don't update on Tenjin.

    • Receive email notifications when API Credentials are about to expire?

      Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snap, or Yahoo has expiration period for API credentials by default. We will send you alert if your credential is going to expire.

    • Receive email notifications when CSV import fails?

      Receive email notifications when ad-networks send us the CSV for spend or ad-revenue data but the import fails. This usually happens when the CSV format is not as we expected.

    • Enable self service help?

      When you login to Tenjin at first time, you will see the self service modal to show you the initial setup process. You can disable it by checking this off.


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