Routing real time event data

Tenjin can send real time event data to any server using POST or GET protocols.

You can configure Tenjin to capture real time event data from your apps and users, then send the real time data transformed to other services that might want to use that data.

Why route real time event data elsewhere?

Tenjin can make other services better with the data it generates. By default, we work with a bunch of analytics, CRM, messaging, monetization, acquisition, and data warehousing partners to improve transparency of data collected in Tenjin.

What event data can you send?

Tenjin captures device and attribution data that can be useful to other services. Below is a list of properties that can be forwarded as macros to other servers.

General event properties

  • bundle_id - the Bundle ID of the app
  • platform - the Platform of the app
  • store_id - App Store ID off the app
  • time_in_ms - Request time in milliseconds
  • time_in_seconds - Request time in seconds
  • advertising_id - Device's advertising ID
  • md5_advertising_id - MD5 of the advertising ID
  • developer_device_id - Identifier for Vender or the developer device ID
  • click_id - ID usually given on an campaign click
  • allow_ad_tracking - Device allows ad tracking? (true, false)
  • limit_ad_tracking - Device limits ad tracking? (true, false)
  • allow_ad_tracking_integer - Device allows ad tracking? (1,0)
  • limit_ad_tracking_integer - Device limits ad tracking? (1,0)
  • ip_address - Device's IP address
  • country - Country code of the user's device
  • campaign_name - Tenjin campaign name that the device is attributed to
  • tenjin_campaign_id - Tenjin campaign ID that the device is attributed to
  • site_id - Channel's site_id that a device is attributed to
  • ad_network - Channel that a device is attributed to
  • device - user's device
  • os_version - OS version
  • app_version - App version

Purchase event properties

  • revenue - Gross revenue for a purchase
  • currency - Currency code of the purchase
  • revenue_usd_net - Net revenue in USD for a purchase
  • quantity - Quantity of product purchased

Custom event properties

  • event_name - If sending a custom event, this is the event name
  • value - If sending a value with a custom event, this is the event value

What can the Tenjin routing system do?

Tenjin is set up with pre-configured services and ad networks to pass real time event data with a single click. You can also create your own event callbacks to send data to any other service that you want.

  1. Route events to ad networks
  2. Route events to pre-configured partners
  3. Route events to any service

With the above, you have ultimate flexibility in routing events to any service on the internet without going through the trouble of integrating additional SDKs.

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