Route events to partners

Tenjin has a growing list of pre-configured partners where one-click integrations enable you to forward event data directly to other services.

Adding pre-configured partners is similar to adding pre-configured ad network callbacks.

Set up a pre-configured partner

App developers can send real time events to partners. These partners can use Tenjin's data to perform better services for mutual app developers.

To route events to a pre-configured partner, first make sure you:

  1. Added your app
  2. Are sending events

After you completed the above you can configure any real time callbacks on the Apps tab.

  1. Go to the Apps tab and click on your app. Click on "New Callback"


  2. Filter for "Partners" on the left hand side. A list of possible integrations for your app will appear.


  3. Select the specific partner you want to route events to.

  4. Follow the directions on the right hand side to configure the callback properly. In the below case (for GameAnalytics) you require a GAME_KEY that you can get from the GameAnalytics dashboard.


  5. Hit "Save Callback".

Pre-configured partners

Tenjin has a growing list of pre-configured partners.

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If you want to request a new pre-configured partner, please contact

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