Route real time events to servers

Tenjin is able to send real time events and properties to any server. Enable this by creating an event callback with Tenjin macros.

Set up an event callback with Tenjin macros

To configure a custom server callback make sure you:

  1. Added your app
  2. Are sending events

After you complete the above, configure event callbacks on the Apps tab.

  1. Go to the Apps tab and click on your app. Click on "New Callback"

  2. Click on "Create Custom Callback".

  3. Configure the server URL to call when a specific Tenjin event is fired. Include the server's URL parameters and pass Tenjin's macros into those parameters. The format to pass data values are curly braces around each of the event properties you can find here.

    Here you can see myIdfaParam set to the Tenjin macro {advertising_id} (which passes the Identifier For Advertising) and myCountryParam set to the Tenjin macro {country} (which passes the country of the event). These macros will eventually get filled with the real values when sent to

  4. Choose the event "trigger". This is the event that will get forwarded to your server. Here you can see open is the event that will get sent.

  5. Select any additional filters or conditions when to send your events to your server.

  6. Hit "Save Callback".

Setting up real time callbacks will send events using GET or POST to any 3rd party service. Use the macros available to pass Tenjin generated values.

Word about real time callbacks

With Tenjin's real time event routing technology, you can send event data to any 3rd party service. As a result, as long as you know how any 3rd party service ingests data, you won't need to integrate any event based mobile analytics SDK again.

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