Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • 17 Apr 2023
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Click-Through Rate (CTR)

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What is Click-through-rate (CTR)?

Click-through rate (CTR) is an important metric in mobile marketing that measures the number of clicks on a particular link or ad out of the total impressions it receives. Understanding CTR is crucial for any mobile marketer looking to optimize their campaigns and increase their return on investment (ROI).

What is a good click-through rate for mobile ads?

The average CTR for mobile ads varies depending on the industry, ad format, and platform. According to a study by Google, the average CTR for mobile search ads across all industries is around 3.5%, while the average CTR for mobile display ads is around 0.6%. However, a "good" CTR is subjective and depends on the specific campaign goals and metrics.

How can I improve my click-through rate on mobile ads?

There are several strategies that you can use to improve your CTR on mobile ads, such as:

  • Creating engaging and concise ad copy that highlights your unique value proposition (UVP) and includes a clear call to action (CTA).
  • Using relevant and targeted keywords in your ad copy and targeting options.
  • Optimizing your ad design and layout for mobile devices, such as using short and punchy headlines and high-quality images or videos.
  • Using A/B testing to experiment with different ad variations and identify the most effective combination.

How does CTR impact my mobile app's ASO?

CTR can indirectly impact your mobile app's app store optimization (ASO) by influencing other factors such as:

  • App visibility: A higher CTR can lead to more clicks and installs, which can improve your app's ranking in the app store search results and increase its visibility to potential users.
  • App ratings and reviews: A higher CTR can also lead to more user engagement, which can result in more positive ratings and reviews for your app. Positive ratings and reviews can improve your app's overall rating and increase its chances of being featured by the app store.

Can I measure my CTR in Tenjin?

At Tenjin, we measure CTR by providing our customers with real-time, granular insights into their ad performance across different channels and platforms. Our attribution analytics platform offers a comprehensive suite of ad measurement tools that allow you to measure and optimize your campaigns' performance in real-time, including click-through rates, install rates, and user engagement metrics. With Tenjin, you can measure and optimize your mobile ad campaigns to drive better results and increase your ROI.

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