Cost Per Tracked Install (tCPI)
  • 17 Apr 2023
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Cost Per Tracked Install (tCPI)

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Article Summary

What is Cost Per Tracked Install (tCPI)?

Cost Per Tracked Install or tCPI is an important mobile marketing KPI that measures the cost of acquiring a user who installed and opened your app. This activity is tracked and measured by using an attribution tool, such as Tenjin.

Why is Cost Per Tracked Install (tCPI) Important?

tCPI is a key metric for mobile marketers as this helps in analyzing the effectiveness of your User Acquisition campaigns. Frequently monitoring your tCPI helps understand the effectiveness of the advertising spend across your campaigns and enables you to optimize your campaigns to achieve a better ROI or ROAS.

How is Cost Per Tracked Install (tCPI) calculated?

tCPI is calculated by dividing the total spend of your User Acquisition campaigns by the number of installs tracked by Tenjin for those campaigns. For instance, if your campaign had $500 spend and resulted in 200 tracked installs, then the tCPI would be 500/200 = $2.5

What is a good Cost Per Tracked Install (tCPI)?

This depends on the type of app, target users, and the marketing channel that is being used. In general, it is always good to have the tCPI lower than the lifetime value (LTV) of the acquired user. The cost of acquiring the user should be lower than the overall revenue the user is likely to generate over their lifetime.

How can Cost Per Tracked Install (tCPI) be optimized?

App marketers can optimize this better by making changes and adjustments to the advertising campaigns so that the appropriate users are targeted. The most effective marketing channels should be used. Testing different creatives, ad formats, target audiences, and constantly monitoring your tCPI will help achieve a better ROI over the long-term.

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