Custom Event
  • 22 Feb 2023
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Custom Event

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What is a custom event?

Custom events (also known as post-install events) are events that are custom-created by developers and differ from other existing events (that are tracked by default). They are user-defined events that occur after an app is installed and help you understand and compare the value generated by your users. They are usually actions taken or milestones reached by a user within the application.

What is an example of a custom event?

The following are the most common examples of custom events:

  • Watched tutorial
  • Submitted email to sign-up page
  • Reached level 10 in the game
  • Viewed banner ad

Notice that these custom events are generally different from the events that are tracked by default by the app such as session events. Although it is still possible to configure session events as a custom event, it is advisable not to. This is because custom events are usually used to define an event that sets some users apart from others. This allows the developer to make a cohort of users who exhibit the same behavior, like those who watched a tutorial, and do other analysis like A/B testing with that information.

Once a custom event is defined in the Tenjin SDK integration, you can see on the app page that custom events are green under the Tenjin SDK integration status. This means that we have successfully received a custom event form the SDK (refer to the visual example below).

unnamed 6.png

You can analyze your custom events and the number of users in that cohort attributed to install in the user acquisition report in the Tenjin dashboard. You can access this data by signing in to your Tenjin account >> Analyze >> User Acquisition Report >> Choose custom events in the drop down menu.

Can custom events be sent elsewhere?

Yes. Once you have defined your desired custom events and have set up tracking for them, you can send the custom events back to ad networks through our templated custom events callbacks for each network. The ad network can then use this data to enable you to run value optimization campaigns. These kinds of campaigns optimize towards a specific custom event and find more users who will likely perform the custom events you specified, e.g. watched tutorial.

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