Introduction to SKAdnetwork
  • 11 Dec 2023
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Introduction to SKAdnetwork

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SKAdNetwork (SKAN) Overview

SKAdnetwork (SKAN), or StoreKit Ad Network, is a framework that was developed by Apple back in 2018 for ad attribution in iOS 14.5 apps. Its primary purpose is to measure the effectiveness of advertisements in driving app installs and user actions within apps, while maintaining user privacy. This framework is particularly relevant since the introduction of Apple's privacy changes with iOS 14.5, which limit the use of the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). With the ever evolving nature of SKAdnetwork, MMPs are constantly iterating to provide seamless reporting and understanding of SKAdnetwork to advertisers. This is the official documentation provided by Apple.

Differences in SKAdnetwork and Traditional Attribution Methods

Apart from the attribution logic and method, there are some key differences to understand:

CriteriaTraditional Attribution MethodSKAdnetwork (SKAN)
User PrivacyUses detailed user-level data for personalized targetingEmphasizes user privacy with aggregate data
Data GranularityOffers real-time, user-specific insightsProvides less granular, delayed data. Tenjin works to offer actionable reporting within the privacy framework
Attribution WindowAllows customizable attribution windowsHas a fixed, 24-hour post-impression window; being updated in SKAN 4.0 and beyond
Conversion Value (CV) SetupNo specific mapping required; detailed user action trackingRequires strategic mapping of user actions into limited conversion values (0-63) to understand user value without identification (Learn more about conversion values here)
Campaign OptimizationEnables immediate, detailed optimization based on real-time dataRelies on aggregated data and delayed reporting for optimization

Why should I run SKAdnetwork campaigns?

  1. Privacy-Centric Approach: SKAN ensures user privacy in iOS advertising by aggregating and anonymizing data, aligning with current privacy trends. This is evolving with newer versions of SKAN.

  2. Compliance with App Tracking Transparency: It adheres to Apple's App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policies, measuring ad effectiveness without accessing user IDs.

  3. Conversion Value Measurement: SKAN enables advertisers to understand user actions post-ad impression, which is essential for campaign assessment and optimization.

  4. Campaign Attribution: Offers a novel way to attribute app installs and actions to specific campaigns, advertisers can find this crucial for budget allocation and strategy.

  5. Integration with Analytics Tools: Enables seamless integration with platforms like Tenjin for comprehensive campaign analysis.

Learn what Tenjin thinks about SKAN 4.0 and the changes related to it

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