Understanding Conversion Values (CVs)
  • 26 Jan 2024
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Understanding Conversion Values (CVs)

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What are Conversion Values (CV)?

A Conversion Value or CV is a numeric value between 0 and 63 which you can assign to a specific install. It's a "signal" that will help you understand how valuable a specific user is without giving you a way to identify them. Ad networks can use this information to understand how valuable each install is for their business. This signal can help ad networks identify better audiences to serve their ads and improve their campaign performances.

Learn about the different types of CV's with SKAN 4.0

Understanding CV's

Measuring User Engagement

  • Action Mapping: User actions are mapped to CVs, indicating different engagement levels.
  • Behavior Analysis: Analyzing CVs helps understand user engagement post-installation.

Assessing App Performance

  • Performance Indicators: Higher CVs typically reflect better user engagement or valuable actions.
  • Campaign Optimization: CVs aid in identifying effective marketing strategies and user segments.

Below are some important characteristics advertisers should keep in mind in regards to conversion values:

  • You can only update the conversion value with a value higher than your previous call (1-> 2 but not 3->2) in SKAN 3.0. [In SKAN 4.0, you can update decreasing CV as well]
  • A limited value between 0-63.
  • You can measure conversion values for any time frame within the user's life time, but the longer you wait, the later the ad-networks will get the postback from Apple. In Tenjin, we recommend using a 24 hour time window for this reason.
  • The conversion value only appears if there are enough installs from the publisher according to Apple’s privacy thresholds.
  • Learn more about mapping recommendations and examples from here

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